Been there, done that time loop / aikasilmukka

One of my favorite genre in movies and TV/Web series is time loops. Usually the stories has been the best written scripts for them. And those belong to the best episodes the series usually has had. I have actually seen many of the iterations. Below is the list of those I remember I have seen.

Aikasilmukka on yksi lempiaiheistani elokuvissa ja TV/Web-sarjoissa. Niiden tarinat ovat olleet aina todella hyvin kirjoitettuja. Aikasilmukka tarinat kuuluvat myös sarjojen parhaimpiin jaksoihin. Olen nähnyt niistä monenlaisia erilaisia versioita. Alla olevassa listassa on ne, jotka muistan nähneeni.

Groundhog Day — Feature Film, 1993
Been There, Done That (TV ep, Xena: Warrior Princess) 1997
Back and Back and Back to the Future (TV ep, Farscape) 1999
Monday (TV ep, The X-Files) 1999
Life Serial — (TV ep, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 2001
Deja vu All Over Again (TV ep, Charmed) 2008
Mystery Spot (TV ep, Supernatural) 2008
Edge of Tomorrow (AKA Live. Die. Repeat) — Feature Film 2014
Hell is Other People (TV ep, The Vampire Diaries) 2016
Travelers (a good Netflix series) 2019
The Nexus Event (Loki Season 1, Episode 4) 2021
Reset (Whole series, China) 2022

Time Squared (Star Trek: TNG, Season 2 Episode 13) 1989
Cause and Effect (TV ep, Star Trek, the Next Generation) 1992
Timescape (Star Trek: TNG, Season 6 Episode 25) 1993
Visionary (Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Season 3 Episode 17) 1995
Coda (Star Trek: Voyager, Season 3 Episode 15) 1997
Future Tense (Star Trek: Enterprise, Season 2, Ep 16) 2002
Star Trek: Discovery — (TV episode, “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”. Season 1, Episode 7) 2017

Every Groundhog Day Type Movie & TV Episode – The Ultimate Repeating Day List

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